Forex Broker Scam: The Ags Story

Ags: review of a tricky Forex market scammer
  • Jonathan Rowe
  • 20.02.2024

"Don't give me your money, you will never see it again"

These words once greeted me when I decided to sign up for a Forex brokerage account with Ags. It turned out to be the worst decision of my life, as this experience would soon spiral into a web of deceit, lies, and stolen funds. But this incident shouldn't be isolated. It's one of many Forex broker scams that have ensnared unsuspecting victims like myself. And in this article, I will unravel the truth about Ags and provide a cautionary tale for anyone considering trading with them.

The Forex Broker Selection

I had recently become interested in Forex trading, the practice of speculating on currency price movements. I was captivated by the allure of quick profits and the promise of financial freedom. Like many beginners, I faced a daunting hurdle: choosing a reputable and trustworthy Forex broker. This decision is critical because it determines the platform you trade on, the spreads and fees you pay, and ultimately your potential success.

I did my due diligence at the time, researching online and seeking recommendations from experienced traders. Ags appeared to check all the boxes: a professional website, enticing introductory offers, and seemingly impressive trading conditions. But little did I know that this facade concealed a dark truth.

The Account-Opening Trap

The onboarding process with Ags started normally enough. I submitted my documents for verification, which they approved swiftly. But then things took a concerning turn. I was unable to withdraw any funds from my trading account, irrespective of the healthy balance I had built up through successful trades.

When I contacted customer support, my concerns were dismissed, and I was provided with one excuse after another. I was told that withdrawals were temporarily restricted due to technical glitches. Later, they blamed stringent compliance checks and claimed that my account was flagged for fraudulent activities (which was clearly untrue). But no matter how urgently I requested my funds, their responses grew increasingly evasive and hostile. It was clear that they had no intention of returning my money.

It was a chilling moment of realization. I had fallen victim to a Forex broker scam. They had seemingly allowed me to make profitable trades and build up a balance to establish trust and encourage higher deposits. But the goal was always to seize control of my funds permanently.

The Tell-Tale Signs of a Scam

In retrospect, there were several alarming indicators that I failed to recognize at the outset. Here is what I have learned about spotting Forex broker scams, so others can avoid falling into the same trap:

  1. Steep Withdrawal Requirements: Legitimate Forex brokers may have withdrawal conditions, such as a minimum withdrawal amount. However, excessive or convoluted requirements are red flags. Be wary of brokers who make it difficult for you to access your funds.
  2. Unregulated or Unlicensed Operation: It is essential to trade with regulated brokers. Regulatory bodies like the FCA UK, CySEC, or ASIC ensure that brokers maintain certain standards and provide a degree of protection for traders. Check the broker's credentials on the regulator's website.
  3. Overly Aggressive Marketing: While Forex trading itself can be risky, unscrupulous brokers may employ overly aggressive marketing tactics with unrealistic promises of high returns. Any guarantees of profit or claims of ultra-high leverage should be a warning sign.
  4. Poor Customer Service: Quality customer service is vital in Forex trading. If a broker's support team is unresponsive, difficult to contact, or provides nonsensical excuses for delays or issues, it could be a scam.
  5. Technical Issues: Consistent technical issues with the trading platform can be a tactic to hinder your trading activities, especially when you're on a winning streak.
  6. Last-Minute Surprises: Be wary of last-minute changes to terms and conditions, especially during the account opening process.
  7. Unusual Trading Activities: If your trades seem to be manipulated or your platform shows unusual price movements, it could indicate unethical practices by the broker.

What to Do If You've Been Affected

If you have been scammed by a Forex broker, it's important to take immediate action to mitigate the situation and pursue every available avenue for recourse. Here's what you can do:

  1. Contact the Broker: Try to resolve the issue directly with the broker first. Send them a formal complaint outlining the problems and requesting a satisfactory resolution. Keep records of all communications.
  2. Seek Regulatory Intervention: If the broker is regulated, lodge a complaint with the respective regulatory body. They have the authority to investigate the matter and impose penalties on the broker.
  3. File a Police Report: Fraudulent activities often cross legal boundaries. File a report with your local law enforcement authorities and provide as much detail as possible. This creates a formal record of the incident.
  4. Notify Payment Providers: If you deposited funds using a credit card or a payment gateway, notify them of the fraudulent activity. You can also request your bank to reverse the transaction within the guidelines of chargeback policies.
  5. Spread Awareness: Share your experience on online forums, social media platforms, and trusted review sites. This can help prevent others from falling victim to the same scam.
  6. Seek Legal Advice: In extreme cases, consider seeking professional legal advice to explore civil remedies and understand your options for legal action.

Don't forget, the best way to combat these scams is through knowledge and awareness. It's important to thoroughly research a broker's reputation and history before you ever deposit a single dollar. It's also important to understand the risks inherent in trading itself.

In the case of Ags, I chose to share my experience as a warning to potential traders. I hope that this article will prevent others from falling into the trap that I unfortunately experienced.

And to Ags and others like them, your fraudulent practices won't go unnoticed much longer. The spotlight is on you.


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