Cost of Advertising in the Economic Times: Economic and Practical Aspects

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Advertising in newspapers remains one of the most effective tools for promoting products and services, and the Economic Times is undoubtedly attracting the attention of the business community and a wide audience of its readers. However, before placing your advert in this newspaper, it is worthwhile to carefully consider a few important aspects that can affect its cost and effectiveness.

Factors affecting the cost of advertising in Economic Times

The cost of advertising in Economic Times depends on several key factors:

Colour and size: Rates differ for black and white and colour ads, and also depending on the size of the ad.
Location and placement: Economic Times adverts on the front, back or third page are more expensive than in the classified section.
City and circulation: Prices may vary depending on the city selected and the total circulation of the newspaper.

Easy placement process

Placing an advert in Economic Times is easy and convenient. To do so, just fill out the form with the advert information or contact a representative at the given phone number on the official website of the newspaper. Ordering an advert online via email or WhatsApp is also available.

Advertising options and sizes

Economic Times provides many options of ad sizes ranging from minimum sizes to full-page adverts. This allows you to choose the most suitable format depending on your needs and budget.

The minimum ad sizes in Economic Times are as follows: 4 cm width X 5 cm height = 20 sq cm, 10 cm width X 10 cm height = 100 sq cm, 12 cm width X 20 cm height = 240 sq cm (quarter page in Economic Times), 25 cm width X 16 cm height = 400 sq cm (half page in Economic Times).

Advantages of placing in Economic Times

Economic Times is one of the most read business newspapers in India, reaching out to a wide audience of businessmen, investors and corporate personalities. Its editorial policy aims to provide relevant and important information on business, economics and finance.

Cost and discounts

Advertising prices in Economic Times vary depending on format, placement and other factors. In addition, various discounts and special offers are available for customers, which makes advertising placement more affordable and profitable.

Economic Times newspaper advertisement rates start from Rs 250 to Rs 15 lakhs and depend on the format of the advertisement and the city of your choice as well as the placement in Economic Times newspaper such as front page, Economic Times todays and classifieds page.

The rates for newspaper adverts are per square cm.


Advertising in Economic Times newspaper is an effective way to reach your target audience and draw attention to your product or service. Considering the various factors and opportunities provided by this newspaper, placing an advert here can be an important step towards the success of your business.

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