What do you need to know about trust management in Forex? Broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services explains.

Broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services: Explains about trust management in Forex
  • Jonathan Rowe
  • 24.10.2023

Not everyone has the patience, time and experience to trade on the currency market. Although the process is fascinating, it is quite complicated. Patience, diligence, knowledge - all this is necessary for successful investing and opening profitable deals. So that beginners or too busy people could earn without effort, they invented trust management. Details about the service are written in the article, which was written with the participation of experts of broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services.

What's that?

Simply put, it is the transfer of the depositor's funds to a professional trader who acts as a manager. He starts trading on his own behalf, taking into account the interests of the client. Naturally, the service is not free, and the amount of remuneration is agreed upon in advance when signing the contract. This is a mandatory element of cooperation. The procedure is standard. The agreement describes the responsibilities of the parties, commissions, the amount of payment for work.

Types of trust management

The experts at Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker remind you that there are two main types of service in Forex:

  • copying trades;
  • PAMM accounts.

These are efficient ways of earning for both the investor and the manager. The first involves copying the trade of a certain trader. Each broker has a list of experienced players, in which profitability, duration of work, and other useful information are specified. The process is automatic, so personal presence is not required.
PAMM accounts are considered a classic type of trust management. Here not just copy trading, but transfer funds between cooperating parties. Several investors can invest.

Trust management also differs by asset type. Experts of Aegis Corporate Financial Services broker distinguish:

  • securities (stocks, bonds);
  • real estate;
  • certain types of businesses;
  • other financial instruments.

The management period can be short-term, medium-term, long-term. There are also different degrees of client involvement. There are full, partial. In the first case, the trader is given full freedom of action. He himself determines where to invest, so practically nothing is discussed with the client. In the agreed periods, financial statements are provided, and the effectiveness of work can be assessed by the state of the account. In the second case, the client reserves the right to manage some part of the assets, and all the trader's actions are coordinated.

Types of risks

Experts of the broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services remind that losses occur everywhere and no one is immune to them. Even the most experienced players have failures. This is normal for Forex as it is quite volatile, so do not take everything too personally, accusing the manager of all sins. Therefore, you should not invest in only one trader. Here are the most common risks in trust management:

  •  the relations between the participants are not regulated in any way. Therefore, the choice of broker should be as informed as possible. You should open an account only with trusted intermediaries. Forex Aegis Corporate Financial Services is exactly such. There are documents, verified instruments, financial statements. The company is regularly audited, does not delay payments, provides free training;
  • There is always the possibility of falling into the hands of traders working only for personal enrichment.

There are also brokers who deceive clients and engage in dubious activities. They charge additional commissions, misappropriate other people's money, do not provide payments. Aegis Corporate Financial Services is not a fraudster. The intermediary has transparent conditions, valid licenses, professional managers who regularly improve their skills through various courses and training materials.

What's the big deal about the favor?

  • Trust management has the following pros:
  • increasing your deposit through new earning opportunities;
  •  expansion of the financial portfolio;
  • the possibility to predict income in advance (if investing in real estate or securities);
  • flexible terms. Money can be withdrawn whenever you want, if such a thing is specified in the contract;
  • getting free time, as you do not need to constantly follow the market and look at the monitor;
  • expert support of all operations.

Another advantage is that the investor is not involved in detailed market research. All this is done for him by a trained person who receives a fee for providing services. Experts of the broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services highlight the following disadvantages:

  • there's a trustee fee;
  •  additional commissions;
  • you have to pay income tax on the profits.

Plus, there is always the chance of choosing an unprofessional trader or a scammer.

What's worth paying attention to?

According to experts of broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services it is worthwhile to carefully study forums, reviews, before opening an account and transferring money to management. It also does not hurt to look at special registers, to familiarize yourself with additional information, commissions. Nobody needs haste here. It is better to spend time searching than to regret later. Here is what else you should consider when choosing:

  • how long the company has been operating in forex. It is ideal to enter into a contract with an intermediary that has been registered for at least five years;
  • trader's trading history;
  • The strategy that the manager plans to use;
  • the amount of drawdown. If it exceeds more than 30%, you should refuse the services;minimum investment amount;
  • the length of time the trader with whom you plan to cooperate has been working. Some people, after working for several months, believe that they have already become experts, but in reality this is not the case.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the education of the manager and his real merits. It is important to make sure that the trader works legally. It is also not superfluous to monitor the activity for the last few years. Broker Aegis Corporate Financial Services monitors its employees, trains them, and conducts tests.


  • author

    I read the reviews on ACFS, studied the documents and came to believe that it is possible to try to interact with them. I was not disappointed with the results. I wish they would add some cryptocurrencies to the platform.

  • author

    The many benefits of ACFS do exist. After starting with ACFS, my results improved and my strategy became better. I became better at dealing with corrections in the market. I am not satisfied with the bonus system.

  • author

    The Aegis Corporate Financial Services platform delights with a variety of offers, including various derivatives and new HYIP companies going public. However, a few times I encountered a situation where they were unresponsive when selecting Apple stocks, although everything worked fine before and after this incident.

  • author

    At first I thought Aegis Corporate Services was an average company. I didn't have any high expectations. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I wish there were fewer commissions, preferably a partial elimination of them.

  • author

    I have managed to work with several brokerage companies during my time with Aegis Financial Services. Things were worse with the previous broker I worked with before Aegis Financial than when I opened an account with Aegis Corporate Financial Services. I am really dissatisfied that not all assets are available on the Aegis Financial platform.

  • author

    At one time, the Aegis partnership changed the trajectory of my trading path for the better. I had some systemic problems in my strategy. The manager of Aegis Aegis Joseph Staller helped me fix them and I am very grateful, but at the same time I am not satisfied with the fact that bonuses are only given upon registration and referral program.

  • author

    I started scalping only after I registered with Aegis Corporate Financial Services. Manager Christos Pavlidis analyzed my results together with me and pointed out what should be corrected. These adjustments produced a positive result. It would be perfect if some of the commissions were canceled. Then my earnings would reach a new level.

  • author

    In the context of choosing a brokerage company, the most important thing for me is that the commissions are low and that it is a permanent policy of the broker. Second on the list, but not in terms of importance, is the work of orders. It is important for me that everything works well on the platform and on the Aegis Corporate Financial Services platform everything really works well. I would like Aegis Corporate Services to make zero withdrawal fees for VIP clients.

  • author

    Many brokers do not prioritize the well-being and success of their clients, often leading them towards compulsive gambling. However, Aegis Corporate Financial Services stands out as an exception. Kai Yamato's manager dissuaded me from entering a trade multiple times, citing potential unprofitability. In contrast, other brokerage firms would have encouraged me to do so. It is worth noting that the only drawback of Aegis Corporate Financial Services is the lengthy processing time for crediting transactions, which took almost three hours for me twice.

  • author

    For me, interacting with manager Kai Yamato of has helped me curb my greed and learn to see the flaws in my decisions to enter or exit a position. Although I can't help but say that a few times Kai called me back with delays.

  • author

    Negotiations with are usually straightforward and comfortable. I don't feel the need to prove myself and meetings are almost always scheduled. However, there was one instance where I was dissatisfied. Although the manager, Paul Staller, and I agreed to a call, he did not follow up as promised.

  • author

    In comparison to Schwab and Fidelity, the broker is superior due to its lower commissions and absence of bothersome managers who frequently pressure clients into questionable deals. Manager Victor Belov has assisted me with various issues on multiple occasions. However, one disadvantage of is the inability to trade wheat and coffee on the platform.

  • author

    My colleague and friend recommended to me. And said that she and her husband have accounts in this brokerage company. I also opened an account and so far everything is going well. Money is withdrawn, the platform is quite clear, but I don't understand why you can't make it easier to switch languages. Why can only the most common languages be switched easily?

  • author

    I was very lucky to stumble across the courses. There was a lot of useful information on these courses. The most important thing is that the mentors on these courses gave real working methods to fight greed and other common mistakes made by beginner traders. The only drawback is that not all courses are free.

  • author

    With I had both failures and wins. Fortunately the wins have been much bigger and I have +19.4% annualized for a year with them. My husband advised me not to withdraw most of it and leave it to work the compound interest principle. I did not like one moment: on the platform for some reason there are not always lots for platinum.

  • author

    I was interested in trying to work with myself. In the end, I can say that has more advantages than disadvantages. What I don't like about is that the manager Joseph Kowalkowski failed to return my calls several times.

  • author

    I like the Aegis Financial Services platform version for both leptop and mobile too. In three years I have never had the Aegis Corporate Services platform glitch and it's amazing. Even Webull and other top brokers' platforms have glitched a few times.

  • author

    When I started working with Aegis Corporate Financial Services I was still a newbie. The manager of Aegis Financial Felix Parker helped me understand everything I needed to know. From account types to price patterns. But I'm not happy that I can't keep the old version of the platform because it automatically upgrades.

  • author

    Low commissions on cryptocurrency trading is what I need. I calculated how much money I would have if I paid the average market commission and I can say that this number is much lower. From this point of view ACFS broker is perfect. Yes and other important aspects allow to give this broker the highest rating, but there is one nuance, several times the Aegis Corporate Services manager forgot to call me back to discuss the opening of new positions. I am still dissatisfied with this.

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