A Closer Look at Better Invest Direct's Operations

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Better Invest Direct is a relatively new player in the market, being only a month old. However, the company's representatives boast about their years of experience and millions of opened accounts.

The Red Flags

One of the most significant red flags is the lack of legal documents on their poorly designed website. Better Invest Direct does not adhere to the regulator's guidelines or have a proper user agreement. Alongside these issues, Better Invest Direct has been accused of imposing hidden charges.

Unprofessional Staff

Moreover, their staff has been reported to be unprofessional. They initiate contact, pushing unclear products onto potential customers.

Illegitimate Operations

The company has failed to confirm the legality of its operations with licenses, nor has it published any financial reports. There is also no trace of the company in registers, and the absence of contact details on the site makes it impossible to reach their customer service.

Better Invest Direct: A Scam Exposed

Opening an account with Better Invest Direct seems to guarantee only the loss of money and time. This is due to the negative experiences that customers inevitably encounter when dealing with such an unreliable broker.

"Better Invest Direct is a scam. Verified by reviews."

Deceptive Practices

The company is known for its dishonest activities. It deceives customers, fails to provide payouts, and remains silent about its history. To inflate its ratings and publish "positive" reviews, the company regularly employs bots. This creates a false sense of reliability and stability that inexperienced traders might fall for.

Customer Complaints

Real comments reveal that it is impossible to withdraw money. The payment systems provided are non-functional, and the customer service ignores all requests. Some negative reviews also mention the company's intrusive behaviour and the large amount of spam emails sent daily by the broker.

Proof of Fraudulent Activities

The absence of legal, contact information, documents, and licenses is another sign of a dishonest company. The company history is filled with discrepancies and gaps, and financial reporting is not published. Better Invest Direct is a scam, manipulating prices and tricking traders out of their money.

False Data and Information

The company regularly presents fictional reports and recommendations from "experts" that lead to losses and incorrect decisions for traders.

Use of "Spoofing"

Better Invest Direct creates the illusion of a price drop by imitating futures orders.

Pushing of Fake Investment Schemes

The company suggests investing in non-existent financial products, promising instant income from such transactions. In reality, people simply lose money without making any profit.

Artificially Creating Demand

Better Invest Direct actively uses various programs to buy or sell shares, thereby increasing the interest of potential investors.

False Results and Reviews

The publication of false client results and the inflation of "positive reviews" through bots are additional proof of Better Invest Direct's fraudulent activities.

Why Better Invest Direct Should Not Be Trusted

The service has received many negative reviews. There are real clients who have suffered at the hands of this middleman, not receiving their money. The company does not have a mobile application, the website often hangs, and user data is not protected.

Reasons to Avoid Better Invest Direct

  • Quotes significantly differ from market ones
  • Orders are executed with a delay of several minutes
  • Transactions are automatically cancelled
  • Unaccounted payments are deducted from the account
  • There is no clearly written user agreement
  • Unrealistic commissions
  • Paid education
  • The brand is not more than a month old
  • Price manipulations
  • Artificial demand creation
  • Documents, including reports and licenses, are hidden
  • No control by the regulator
  • Unbelievable promises of sky-high profits
  • Unclear account types
  • Calls from different numbers
  • False analytics and statistics
  • Discomfort and inconvenience of the platform
  • Request to provide personal data during registration
  • Offer to invest in a non-existent financial product

Better Invest Direct does not meet standards, violates the ethical principles of the market, does not pay out money, and provides dubious services. The negative reviews, strange conditions, lack of contract, unverified payment systems, and paid education all confirm this.

Jonathan Rowe

Jonathan Rowe

The creator and main author of the site is Jonathan Rowe. Trader and investor with many years of experience. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with over a decade of experience developing applications for financial and investment institutions.

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