Forex broker Expo Trust imposes additional services
  • Jonathan Rowe
  • 13.03.2024

Stock market fraud is no surprise to anyone. Schemes appear, bad companies continue to exist. Forex broker Expo Trust ( has been operating for a few months, but there is already enough reason to believe that it is the most common scammer. There are problems with payouts, additional payments, paid training. There are no good reviews about Expo Trust, which is not surprising. People write about the negative experience of cooperation, warning about deception on the part of the intermediary. Although the company is young, it has already managed to get into the "black" lists and earn a bad reputation.

What indicates that Forex broker Expo Trust is a scammer?

Legality of activity is not confirmed, reporting is not provided, conditions change, commissions are not fixed. Providing payments is out of the question. The support service ignores the clients' appeals, and there is no secure connection. Plus, the domain name was registered recently, and no one uses special encryption for data protection. The site hangs, the main page is almost empty, as well as most sections. The behavior is intrusive, calls from hidden numbers are practiced. Expo Trust is a scam, which is not controlled by the regulator, does not behave professionally.

Forex broker licenses Expo Trust

There is no such information on the Expo Trust website It is also impossible to verify the existence of authorizations. Financial statements and audit results have not been published anywhere. This is another proof that Expo Trust is a fraud.

Registration, personal account at Forex broker Expo Trust

The company has created unfavorable conditions and its commissions simply lead to losses. Registration, although simple, is suspicious. Verification on the contrary is quite complicated and specific. Expo Trust is a scam, which gives guarantees of quick earnings and asks for too much personal data. Questionable payment systems or transfer to an employee's card are offered for transactions. There are welcome bonuses that cannot be used, as well as a support team that ignores calls. Forex broker Expo Trust made an extremely inconvenient personal account with limited functionality. Not only are the elements displayed incorrectly, but there are intrusive advertisements, third-party links, and most of the sections are simply inaccessible. In the Expo Trust, it was repeatedly written that trading conditions change on their own, it is impossible to request payments, quotes do not correspond to the market. Expo Trust is a scam, do not trust it. Cooperation with an intermediary will not lead to anything good, only significantly damage your nerves.

Trading Conditions Forex broker Expo Trust

There is no information about potential risks, quotes differ from the market, statistics are outdated. No one publishes analytics, experts' comments, news feed is updated very rarely. Leverage is not adaptive. Its size is the same for all types of accounts. Forex broker Expo Trust guarantees instant profit, lures with bonuses for registration. The set of instruments is limited. Many are provided on paid terms. Here are the trading conditions offered by the company:

  • commissions depending on the type of transaction;
  • the minimum deposit does not exceed 100 dollars, but the broker quite often lures traders with implausible discounts. This once again proves that Expo Trust is scam.
  • Paid courses that guarantee success in Forex after completion;
  • unique strategies designed for specific traders.

Expo Trust is the most common scam, telling about a magic trading plan that does not exist in principle. There are only a few types of accounts on the website Expo Trust, which are not particularly different from each other. Also, the company restricts the use of assets, so you can work here only with currency pairs and shares of some companies. Expo Trust reviews wrote that the broker exerts pressure by demanding urgent investments in offers that are supposedly valid for a limited amount of time. It could be a discount, a promotion, a "unique" strategy at a low price. Expo Trust is scam that doesn't care about its clients. It offers to use copies of MetaTrader that distort real prices and results of trades.

Deposit, payments, refunds with Forex broker Expo Trust

The company imposes transfers to employee cards, as well as little-known payment systems. To make the first withdrawal request, you need not only to pass verification, but also to reach a certain trading volume. Forex broker Expo Trust charges high commissions for payments, which significantly reduce the amount. Refusal to process the request is not explained in any way, and the return of funds is possible, but on absolutely unfavorable conditions. Expo Trust reviews wrote that the process is very specific and confusing, so many people just left their money with the broker without trying to get something. Plus, the broker has a number of fictitious fees, and also, he ignores requests.Expo Trust website has no normal information about the procedure, as well as contacts for communication with the company representatives.

Verification and additional services at Forex broker Expo Trust

The procedure for confirming data is quite complicated, specific, and multi-stage. This approach may seem right and legitimate to some, but normal intermediaries do not ask for bank account details, card passwords and other confidential information. Expo Trust is scam, because it uses clients' information for its own purposes, as well as transfers it to third parties. There is no encrypted connection, nor is there a proper level of protection. Like the most common fraud, the broker has additional services:

  • paid courses that guarantee success in forex trading;
  • "exclusive" trading robots and programs for automatic profit generation;
  • account management services with the obligatory promise of prohibitively high income;
  • "unique" trading signals and strategies designed exclusively for a particular client.

All this only proves that the broker is a scammer, because normal companies do not impose anything like this.

Forex broker Expo Trust

The mediator has distinguished himself here as well, for he actively uses bots to scroll good comments. This is how it lures newbies, creating the appearance of trust on the part of clients. Someone may have received a payout here, but Forex broker Expo Trust reviews mention too many bad things to open an account at this site.

Conclusions about Forex broker Expo Trust

If you just want to spend money and time, then you are definitely here. The broker lures you in with loud promises, charges additional payments, and plays an unfair game. No one receives payments here, but additional services are actively imposed. Everything points to the fact that Expo Trust is the most common scam, which does everything possible to ensure that the client does not earn anything. There is no control from the regulator. The company has a dubious reputation, practices calls from hidden numbers, and exerts pressure. Employees are asked to transfer money to their personal cards. Training is paid, as well as a large number of analytical tools. This is clearly not the broker I would like to recommend for cooperation.


Question: Can I request a withdrawal at any time?
Answer: No. There are certain conditions to the application.
Question: Has the broker been audited at least once?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the broker have a social media account?
Answer: Yes. And in more ways than one.

Question: Does the helpdesk work on a specific schedule?
Answer: No. Operators do not answer at all, although it is stated that the support is 24/7.

Question: Are there any additional write-offs?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I request any amount?
Answer: No.



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