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The company has started working recently, but you can already realize that it is not a good option for cooperation. There are hidden payments and a number of signs indicating that Forex broker IG-Canada is a scammer, swindling money. There are no documents, the support service does not answer, payments do not come to anyone. The platform is questionable, with an inconvenient interface. There are negative reviews indicating that IG-Canada is a fraud.

Why is Forex broker IG-Canada a scam?

There is no information about risks, plus acquaintance with the company begins with false promises, as well as luring with large sums. It does not support clients, ignores their inquiries, and behaves unprofessionally. It does not fulfill commitments and also does not value reputation. Here is what else indicates IG-Canada is a fraud:

  • The quality of the website. It is hastily made and it is simply impossible to find useful information on it. The interface is overloaded with details, there are third-party links, and the domain name is not registered;
  • a meager set of tools. IG-Canada is a fraud and it simply siphons off money by encouraging clients to pay for access to analytics, asset
  • training. It is paid. The broker sells courses, and there are no books or articles for self-education on the IG-Canada website;
  • lack of payments. The company cheats clients, automatically rejects applications, creates a number of obstacles in receiving funds. IG-Canada is the usual scam and its behavior is proof of it.

The company actively launches aggressive advertising in social networks, and on the IG-Canada website there are no clearly stated trading conditions. Also, the broker practices calls from hidden numbers and spamming. IG-Canada is a scam and it is better to avoid it.

IG-Canada Forex broker licenses

They are not published anywhere, but there is no information about the company in official registers. IG-Canada is a scam, working without documents and control from the regulator.

Registration and overview of IG-Canada Forex broker personal cabinet

The process is simplified, but this does not mean that the company acts legally. It requests a number of personal documents and then passes the data to third parties. The IG-Canada review also reported about it, the broker registration differs from other similar companies. As for the personal cabinet, there are the following features that indicate that IG-Canada is a scam:

  • design. At first glance it looks professional and even convenient, but the functionality is limited and graphic elements are not always displayed correctly;
  • interface. It is not thought out, overloaded with details, most of the buttons simply do not work;
  • payments. They are not made, and in the cabinet it is simply impossible to submit an application.

There is no technical support and it is impossible to contact it. In fact, the functionality of the personal cabinet is extremely limited.

Terms of work with Forex broker IG-Canada

Being the most common scammer, the company starts with promises of big profits and risk-free trading. On the IG-Canada website it is difficult to find useful, intelligible information about its activities, and the terms and conditions are stated very vaguely. Here is what it offers:

  • guaranteed income from the first trade;
  • exclusive trading strategies available to a certain number of clients;
  • rapid capital increase;
  • absent commissions (in fact, it is not so, because they are there and hidden);
  • easy withdrawal (in fact, no one pays anything).

The company also promises bonuses for registration, access to analytical materials and "unique" tools.

Types of trading accounts at Forex broker IG-Canada

The company has the following deposit options:

  • standard. Welcome bonuses are awarded here, however, the terms and conditions are not very clear, so it is not clear how to use them;
  • premium. IG-Canada Forex broker promises personalized trading signals, low spreads, personal manager. True, no one consults, and the only difference is the size of the down payment.

It also actively imposes account management and asks to deposit via employee cards.

Trading terminals at Forex broker IG-Canada

At first glance everything is normal, because traders can work with MetaTrader, though with their not very successful copies. IG-Canada is a fraud and this is to be expected, as all conditions for losing money have been created here. Prices are distorted, quotes do not correspond to the market ones. Orders are executed with a delay, it is unreal to request a withdrawal. There is no feedback from the support service. Plus, the company manipulates trading results after closing transactions.

Forex broker IG-Canada account replenishment and refund conditions

The company offers high bonuses for replenishing the account. In fact, this is one of the tools to retain the client's funds, because their subsequent withdrawal is simply impossible. The IG-Canada website has a limited list of ways to conduct transactions. It is mainly cryptocurrency and some payment systems, which make it difficult to track transfers and get a refund. Plus, the company charges hidden fees and commissions, as well as comes up with penalties. The broker delays the withdrawal process in every possible way and artificially creates delays in processing applications. There is no transparency, but there are impossible conditions for receiving payments. For example, the site needs to reach a certain trading volume to submit a request. But even if a trader manages to do this, he still will not receive a payout, as it is simply not typical for the broker.

Forex broker IG-Canada

Verification at Forex broker IG-Canada

The process differs from the standard procedure used by reliable companies. It is quite specific, because the broker asks for too much personal information, documents, which in principle have nothing to do with data verification. The broker requires you to provide details of bank accounts, credit cards and more.

Additional services of Forex broker IG-Canada

The company guarantees instant profits, promises access to "exclusive" signals, lures you with implausible promises. There are automatic trading systems on the IG-Canada website, with the help of which it is supposedly possible to conduct successful transactions without the trader's direct participation. Naturally, access to them is paid, but in fact, Forex broker IG-Canada customizes them so that all operations are unprofitable. In addition, the company offers other services:

  • account management by an account manager who will use special strategies that allow generating high profits;
  • paid hens and participation in dubious seminars. The company actively sells them, although they are the most ordinary, publicly available materials, but packaged in an attractive wrapper;
  • VIP-services. IG-Canada is a fraud and not surprisingly, it offers individual consultations of a personal manager, extended access to market analytics and more "exclusive" tools. Of course, all this is not free, but you have to pay if you want to make a profit.

Of course, the broker has unrealistically high bonuses for opening a deposit and meeting certain conditions.

Forex broker IG-Canada reviews

Everything points to the fact that clients are being cheated here. People write a lot of bad things about the company, pointing to poor service, boorish attitude, lack of payments. If the IG-Canada reviews are positive, they are most likely scrambled by bots, because the company works badly and does not fulfill its obligations. In the comments also wrote that the broker charges hidden fees, manipulates prices, prevents earnings. Negative reviews about Forex broker IG-Canada only once again confirm that this is the most common scammer that has nothing to do with legitimate sites.

Conclusions about Forex broker IG-Canada

This broker works illegally. It supposedly provides services, but no one gets the money earned. The IG-Canada reviews are negative, indicating a low level of trust and a bad reputation. The company regularly publishes false success stories, violates the user agreement, hides documents. Plus, its clients have repeatedly faced psychological pressure from employees. IG-Canada is a fraud and it is not suitable for cooperation. The site is displayed incorrectly in search engines, data is not protected in any way, plus repeatedly in the IG-Canada reviews wrote that the intermediary leaks personal information to third parties. This is inappropriate behavior for a normal site, so with full confidence we can say that Forex broker IG-Canada is the usual scammer.


Question: Are the commissions fixed?
Answer: No.
Question: Does the broker have its own application?
Answer: No.
Question: Is it real to get my money back?
Answer: No. This is a typical scammer who does not pay anything and nobody.
Question: Did the broker ask you to transfer money to employee cards?
Answer: Yes. He does this regularly, explaining this approach by the absence of commissions.
Question: How long do I have to wait for the payment?
Answer: A long time, as they simply do not come.
Question: Have there been cases when the broker actually paid compensation?
Answer: No, because nobody protects clients' interests.
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Jonathan Rowe

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