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The company has appeared relatively recently, but it is already clear that you should not work with it. The platform is problematic, it is impossible to earn money, and you will not be able to withdraw money either. Reviews about Justness Expert are negative, which means that it is a typical fraudster posing as a legitimate intermediary. Clients are not provided with support, they are limited in everything, plus, they do not receive money. There are no compensations, data is not protected in any way. Forex broker Justness Expert cannot be called a good intermediary, so you should not open an account here. Everything here is organized in such a way that only the platform earns money.

What indicates that Forex broker Justness Expert scam?

Lack of documents, payments, negative reviews, as well as a bad rating. The company offers paid training, imposes additional services, offers to subscribe to trading signals that do not work. Justness Expert is a scam and here is why:

  • commissions are accrued arbitrarily;
  • trades are closed automatically;
  • Justnessexpert.com website doesn’t have a secure connection;
  • implausible promises of instant income;
  • risks are not taken into account. The company, on the contrary, says the opposite, promising profits without losses. Forex broker Justness Expert simply lures clients who are still mastering trading;
  • endless phone calls from hidden numbers (this also indicates that Justnessexpert.com is a fraud);
  • there are no normal payment systems;
  • no support service.

Forex broker Justness Expert regularly sends spam, manipulates prices, and publishes false quotes. It also offers investments in non-existent assets and promises instant earnings from the first trade.

Basic information about Forex broker Justness Expert

The company has been operating not so long, but it is already clear that it is not the best option for cooperation. Justness Expert is a fraud, which has no documents and no control from the regulator. Financial statements are not provided, no one conducts audits. On the Justness Expert website there is no data indicating that the site is legitimate. Apart from advertising and loud promises, there are no specifics. Trading conditions are stated as vaguely as possible, commissions are not spelled out, nobody cares about the safety of clients. Justness Expert is a scam, doing everything possible to make traders lose money. This company is not suitable for cooperation.

Registration and review of the personal cabinet of Forex broker Justness Expert

It seems to be simplified, but to become a client, you need to provide bank account statements and answer a number of additional questions. Registration takes a lot of time, although at the first stage you only need to enter your phone number. The personal cabinet of Forex broker Justness Expert is very inconvenient, unfinished, with limited functionality. The design is overloaded with details, there are errors in the interface, and the elements are not logically arranged. The number of analytical tools is also scarce. In reviews about Justness Expert it was mentioned many times, as well as the fact that orders are executed with delays, sessions are interrupted during active trading.

Terms of work with Forex broker Justness Expert

There is no clear information about the user agreement on the site, and the commissions are not specified anywhere. They are spontaneous and accrued arbitrarily. Justnessexpert.com website is overloaded with promotional offers, and the leverage is not adaptive. There are third-party links, but there are no normal payment systems. Justness Expert is a fraud that does not allow you to use certain strategies, tools, educational materials. Education on the site is paid. Here is what the broker offers (if you believe its advertising):

  • instant payouts;
  • the lowest possible commissions;
  • bonuses for account replenishment;
  • receiving money from the opening of the first position;
  • trading without any losses (you can read about such things on Justnessexpert.com website);
  • "exclusive" tools;
  • trading signals (usually working against the trader).

Justness Expert is a scam who does not fulfill its promises, prevents you from receiving funds, accrues invented commissions. Plus, the site does not inform about potential risks, guarantees profit from the first trade.

Is Justness Expert legit?

Types of Forex broker Justness Expert trading accounts

There is no reasonable information anywhere, tariffs are not described. Trading conditions are poorly described, so on the Justness Expert website you can find only a few words about the types of accounts. The only difference is the size of the initial deposit. In reviews about Justness Expert they wrote that although the company offers to work with a personal manager in case of registration of "premium", but no one gets in touch.

Trading platforms at Forex broker Justness Expert

You should not count on the fact that the company offers something normal for trading. The company works illegally and provides only copies of MetaTrader 4 and 5. You can download them at Justnessexpert.com website, but this does not mean that they are set up adequately. Everything is done so that traders trade at a loss. In reviews about Justness Expert it was repeatedly mentioned that the presented set of tools is very different and the functionality is limited.

How is the process of account replenishment and refund at Forex broker Justness Expert?

Everything is too complicated and you have to spend a lot of nerves to get nothing in the end. Payouts do not come, the company prevents you from receiving them. Commissions are not fixed, also Forex broker Justness Expert does not offer to use verified payment systems. Since it is not controlled by regulators and does not have a license, the interests of clients are not protected in any way and you should not count on compensation.

Verification of Forex broker Justness Expert

Verification is specific, as it requires quite a lot of documents. Thus, the company asks you to upload not only a standard set of documents, but also to provide bank account and card data, and this is not the norm. Justness Expert is a scam that reviews the application for several days. It can also reject it without any reason.

Additional services of Forex broker Justnessexpert.com

The company offers to get instant profit from the first trade, promises risk-free trading. There is automatic trading, consulting managers (in fact, no one gets in touch). Forex broker Justness Expert imposes insurance, offers to subscribe to signals that do not work and "exclusive" newsletters.  

Reviews about Forex broker Justness Expert

There are many of them, but they are negative, because clients are extremely dissatisfied with the quality of services provided. The company cheats, does not pay out money. A platform with a bad reputation, low level of trust, dubious conditions. Justness Expert is a fraud who accrues additional payments, does not adhere to the user agreement, which has been repeatedly written about in reviews.

Conclusions about Forex broker Justness Expert

It is impossible to recommend this company for cooperation, as you will not be able to earn money with it. Absolutely unreliable, not a legal platform, where they only swindle money. Fraudster, which is not worth wasting time on. That's why this intermediary should be avoided:

  • additional fees;
  • commissions are charged arbitrarily;
  • no regulatory control;
  • problems with receiving the earned (Justness Expert is a fraud, it does not provide payments, automatically closing transactions);
  • there is no transparency;
  • support service does not work.

Forex broker Justness Expert is considered an unreliable platform, so there is no point in opening an account here.


Do payouts come on time?
Nobody can receive them, as the broker prevents them in every possible way.
Can I get compensation if I lose money?
Does the broker set limits on payouts?
Can I deposit money via bank transfer?
No. Only crypto wallet or transfer to the card of one of the employees.
What trading platforms are provided to traders?
Copies of popular terminals, but they are unprofitable, so you can't make money with them.

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Jonathan Rowe

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