Is SMM Limited a Scam? Here's Why You Should Avoid This Forex Broker

Forex broker SMM Limited SCAM: Don't Invest Here!
  • Jonathan Rowe
  • 27.03.2024

Forex broker SMM Limited is a scam with which it is impossible to earn money

Alas, but there are plenty of unscrupulous intermediaries. Every day there are more of them, so it is almost impossible to track the legality of their activities. Unfortunately, Forex broker SMM Limited is the most common scammer, swindling data and money. The company has been operating for a few months, but it has already managed to prove itself bad enough to be blacklisted. It lures with improbable payments, imposes dubious services, provides paid training. If you read the review about SMM Limited, you will realize that this is a common scammer.

About Forex broker SMM Limited

The company has been on the market for a few months, but it has already managed to establish itself as a fraudster. Unfair attitude to its obligations, problems with payments, and hundreds of defrauded clients have clearly not been good for its reputation. SMM Limited is fraud, guaranteeing instant profit and omitting about risks. It does not work officially, has no documents, and offers to invest in non-existent assets. There are advertisements and third-party links, which indicates that SMM Limited is scam. Plus, the broker asks to transfer money to employee cards, calls from hidden numbers, and is engaged in spamming. It is impossible to get a payment from Forex broker SMM Limited, and it offers unknown payment systems for transactions. Clients' money is not kept in separate accounts. In the review about SMM Limited they wrote that it is impossible to earn income with the company. Based on this, we can say that SMM Limited is the most common scam and it is better to avoid it.

Forex broker SMM Limited Documents

Regulators do not monitor the activities of the intermediary, so compliance with standards is out of the question. Norms are not complied with, and there are no documents confirming the legality of the activity. All legal information on the website of SMM Limited is hidden. Naturally, no one is audited, and the financial statements are impossible to familiarize with, because they simply do not exist.  SMM Limited is a fraud that has no licenses and permits.

Trading conditions and training at Forex broker SMM Limited

No one warns about risks, there are false promises, problems with payments. The company charges additional fees, does not provide leverage. Forex broker SMM Limited trains for a fee, actively imposes courses. It guarantees expert support, but in fact, after the client makes a payment, no one gets in touch. There are no books, useful articles or other educational resources on the SMM Limited website. If analytics is published, it is very rare, and the calendar of economic events is not updated at all. The size of spreads is not adequate, the terms of transactions are unfavorable. SMM Limited fraud, which limits the use of strategies, offers investments in dubious assets. The broker does not care about the safety of clients, lures them with bonuses for registration, behaves impudently, not professionally. The review about SMM Limited wrote that it transfers data to third parties, as well as publishes irrelevant quotes, spontaneously closes even profitable transactions. SMM Limited is a scam that does not let you earn money and offers to use fake versions of MetaTrader.

Support service at Forex broker SMM Limited

She works on her devised schedule and does not respond to everyone. Those who manage to get feedback do not get comprehensive answers to their questions. In most cases, the support staff contacts clients only to impose additional services and extort more money. SMM Limited wrote about it in the review about SMM Limited, because such behavior has become a normal practice for the company. The support service is absolutely inefficient and not prompt. Forex broker SMM Limited is not considered to be a legitimate broker, so it is impossible to find contact information on the website. The behavior of operators is unprofessional, plus, they like to exert psychological pressure. SMM Limited scam that ignores clients in most cases.

SMM Limited is a Scam

Website of Forex broker SMM Limited and personal cabinet

Instead of useful information, the website SMM Limited offers only false success stories and implausible promises. The interface is ill-conceived, the navigation is rather complicated, and the site itself is made on a standard template. On the main page there is no data indicating the legitimacy of the activity. Contact information is hidden, there are third-party links. There is no secure connection, which only proves that SMM Limited is a fraud. The domain name is registered relatively recently, the personal account is underdeveloped. Most of the trading and financial instruments are unavailable without additional payments. Website looks unattractive, and the design is overloaded with details and advertising. Active buttons are triggered once in a while, sections are not filled in, there are errors in the text block. The history of the company is also not presented anywhere, as well as information about regulators. It is enough just to look at the website of SMM Limited to realize that it is a scammer.

Is there any payout from Forex broker SMM Limited?

The broker has problems with this, because at the application stage it starts to hinder in every possible way, so it is impossible to get your earnings. A withdrawal request can be automatically rejected, and the whole system is designed to make the process as difficult as possible. The company has excessive commissions, making the operation unfavorable for traders. Plus, the broker has introduced a minimum threshold for submitting an application and a limit on the amount of payment. Forex broker SMM Limited plays a dishonest game, suddenly changes the conditions, requires additional verification. Taking into account this approach, you should not count on receiving your earnings or compensation.

Conclusions about Forex broker SMM Limited

Nothing points to the legitimacy of this broker. Everything suggests that it is the most common fraudster who does not care about the safety of clients' data. The company's actions are illegal. There are invented fines, unreasonable fees. The intermediary violates the user agreement in every possible way, which leads to additional losses of traders. SMM Limited fraud, offering to use dubious financial instruments, systematically ignoring the fulfillment of undertaken obligations. The quality of the site leaves much to be desired, personal cabinet with limited functionality. Forex broker SMM Limited cannot be recommended for earning and cooperation.


Question: Can I get my earnings?
Answer: No. The company hinders in every possible way to get the earned money.

Question: Has the broker been providing services for a long time?
Answer: No.

Question: Can I expect compensation?
Answer: No, such service is not provided.

Question: Is there a limit on payouts?
Answer: Yes. Plus, to request a withdrawal you need to reach a certain trading volume.

Question: Can I view the company's financial statements?
Answer: No, because nobody publishes them.

Question: Is there any chance that I will be able to get back the stolen money, at least partially?
Answer: The probability is extremely small, because the broker is not controlled by the regulator and does not protect the interests of clients in any way.  



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