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The company has been operating not so long ago, but it has already managed to earn a bad reputation. It is a problematic platform, where you can trade only at a loss, because all conditions are created for this. Reviews about Lovacrypto.com are negative, payments do not come, support service does not respond. There are no normal tools here, training is paid, no one publishes news. Clients are left to themselves, and compensation or refunds are out of the question. Forex broker Lova Crypto is not suitable for cooperation, so it is better to bypass it if you do not want to lose money.

What indicates that Forex broker Lova Crypto is a scam?

At least lack of payouts, customer complaints, negative reviews and poor rating. Here are a few more signs that indicate that Lova Crypto is a scam:

  • no transparency in charging commissions;
  • even a profitable deal may automatically close;
  • Lovacrypto.com website is full of advertisements;
  • there are loud promises;
  • no one informs about the risks;
  • calls from hidden numbers (another proof that Lova Crypto is a fraud);
  • no normal payment systems for transactions;
  • the support service does not answer.

Forex broker Lova Crypto is engaged in spamming in social networks, exerts psychological pressure, and lures money out. It also offers investing in non-existent assets.

Basic information about Forex broker Lova Crypto

The company appeared relatively recently, but it is already clear that Lova Crypto is a fraud operating illegally. There are no documents, licenses are not provided anywhere. The regulator does not monitor the activities of the broker, which means that the interests of clients are not protected in any way. Lovacrypto.com website has no financial statements, no clear trading conditions, and no useful information at all. No one cares about traders' safety, because Lova Crypto is a scam that transfers personal information to third parties. Commissions are charged arbitrarily, no one gets any money. Forex broker Lova Crypto imposes additional services, restricts the use of certain strategies.

Registration and review of the personal cabinet of Forex broker Lova Crypto

Not everything is as simple as we would like it to be here. At first glance, everything is very convenient and well thought out: in order to become a client, you just need to specify your cell phone number. But in reality it is not so. A number of additional questions and conditions appears out of nowhere, and registration resembles some kind of quest, taking quite a lot of time. The personal cabinet of Forex broker Lova Crypto is underdeveloped. The functionality is limited, the design is poor. The interface seems outdated, there are graphical errors, illogical arrangement of elements. The number of tools for analysis is limited and clearly does not correspond to the stated capabilities. In reviews about Lova Crypto it was written that there are delays in command execution, the program itself does not work as well as it should, and sessions interrupt with no reason.

Terms of work with Forex broker Lova Crypto

Do not think that you can find something useful on the site, because it is absolutely not true. There is no proper user agreement, where the terms and conditions, commissions and fees would be spelled out. The website Lovacrypto.com has only advertisements, third-party links, loud promises, calls to invest in unknown assets. Leverage is the same for everyone, but you have to try hard to get it. Commissions depend on the broker's mood. Lova Crypto is a fraud which restricts the usage of trading and financial tools, and also imposes dubious strategies. This is what you can read in the advertising that the company actively launches:

  • fast payouts;
  • minimal commissions;
  • bonuses for registration;
  • profit from the first trade;
  • risk-free trading (there is no informing on the website Lovacrypto.com);
  • "unique" tools;
  • personalized consulting.

In fact, Lova Crypto is a scam that makes empty promises and prevents you from receiving funds. No normal company will promise trading without losses, because in this business you can't do without them, and this should be understood by everyone who plans to engage in trading.

Don't trust the Lova Crypto scam broker

Types of Forex broker Lova Crypto trading accounts

You have to try hard to find any information about the tariffs. The trading conditions are as unclear and confusing as possible, so for some people it is easier not to read than to understand.
There are several types of accounts on the Lovacrypto.com website. In fact, they do not differ in any way, except for the size of the initial deposit. Allegedly, there is a premium account, but as they wrote in reviews about Lova Crypto, it is a common "scam", without any benefits and personalized support of a manager.

Trading platforms at Forex broker Lova Crypto

The company pretends to be normal, but in reality it is not, because it uses fake versions of popular terminals such as MetaTrader 4 and 5. Everything looks ok, plus you can download them on the website Lovacrypto.com, but you can't make money with them. Unusual technical failures occur all the time, especially when a deal is potentially profitable. Positions are automatically closed and the client loses money. Plus, in reviews about Lova Crypto they wrote that the set of tools is very different from those presented in the official versions of terminals.

How is the process of account replenishment and refund at Forex broker Lova Crypto?

Difficult, unclear, nervous. The company does not provide payments and hinders in every possible way to get what you have earned. Commissions are inadequate and are charged arbitrarily, as the user agreement is not observed. Forex broker Lova Crypto offers to deposit money to the account either through a crypto wallet or by transfer through the card of its employee. It does not work with normal payment systems, so any refund is out of the question.

Verification of Forex broker Lova Crypto

It is quite peculiar, as you have to upload quite a lot of documents to prove your identity. The company may ask for a bank statement and a number of other personal details that normal intermediaries do not ask for. Lovacrypto.com is a scam who can consider an application for several days and still reject it.

Additional services of Forex broker Lova Crypto

The company offers to set up automated trading, guaranteeing instant profits. But in reality, this software works differently, and the client simply loses money as a result. Also on the company's website you can find paid courses, and some reviews wrote that Forex broker Lova Crypto offered to take out additional insurance and imposed unrealistic leverage.

Reviews about Forex broker Lova Crypto

Naturally, they are negative. It is impossible to write something good about a company that does not provide payouts. The broker works dishonestly, so it has a bad reputation. Lova Crypto is a fraud and it does everything possible for clients to lose money. Here you should not count on reasonable conditions or loyal attitude, as there is simply no such thing.

Conclusions about Forex broker Lova Crypto

It is impossible to say that the broker works legally, as it does not. Everything points to fraud, as here clients are left to themselves and no one tries to protect their data. This is why you should not become a client of this company:

  • additional fees;
  • lack of transparency;
  • non-compliance with regulatory standards;
  • problems with payouts (Lova Crypto is a fraud who automatically rejects applications for funds);
  • questionable terms and conditions;
  • complete disregard of the user agreement.

Forex broker Lova Crypto is considered to be one of the worst companies, so it is not suitable for work.


Is there a leverage?
Yes, but it is provided on very unfavorable conditions.
Are there any compensations?
Does the broker have limitations on payouts?
How can I deposit funds to my account?
By cryptocurrency or transfer to the employee's card. Other options are not provided.
What terminals can be used for trading?
There are copies of popular ones, but they are set up so that clients trade at a loss.

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Jonathan Rowe

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