Fx Crypto Chain: An In-Depth Examination of an Alleged Fraudster

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A Critical Analysis of Fx Crypto Chain

The world of forex trading is often shrouded in complexity and ambiguity. This is precisely where entities like Fx Crypto Chain come into play, exploiting this lack of clarity to their advantage. There are several alarming indicators that suggest Fx Crypto Chain is a scammer.

Website Analysis

The first impressions of the broker are established through their website. The site of Fx Crypto Chain does not inspire confidence, with an apparent lack of secure connection, poor design quality, and unreadable fonts. It is also almost invisible in the search engines, suggesting it is not optimized for visibility - a red flag in the world of online businesses.

Crucial information about the company is conspicuously missing. The site does not provide legal documents, registration details, or any contact information for customer support. Even though it lacks its trading terminal, it encourages users to download an unknown application to operate in the stock market.

Company Profile

Fx Crypto Chain appeared a month ago and has already found its way into the blacklist of major international registrars. There's no regulatory oversight on its operations, and there are numerous complaints about non-payment of dues. Customers have raised issues about unprofessional behaviour and the fact that the services are only available to those registered in Switzerland.

Dubious Activities

Fx Crypto Chain seems to be involved in various questionable activities. It doesn't have a well-drafted user agreement, doesn't abide by contracts, and levies additional charges. Its representatives often initiate contact and make repeated calls from different numbers. The company doesn't provide financial reports, and reaching customer support is nearly impossible.

There's no information provided about risks, and the quotes significantly vary from the market. Fx Crypto Chain seems to be involved in unethical practices of extracting money from unsuspecting victims. It also doesn't take any measures to protect client data, thereby exposing them to potential threats. The safety of payments is also questionable, as transactions are suggested to be made through unknown systems.

The Indicators of a Scammer

Cold Calling and Spamming

Apart from a substandard website and lack of registration, Fx Crypto Chain engages in cold calling, aggressively dialing clients from various numbers. It also sends out emails and social media messages. The behaviour is too aggressive and intrusive, and the support team doesn't respond to queries. There's also psychological pressure from the representatives.

Other Red Flags

  • Implausibly low percentages.
  • No fixed commissions.
  • Delayed execution of orders.
  • Automatic cancellation of trades.
  • Deduction of additional payments not mentioned in the contract.
  • Website not found on search engines.
  • Issues with user agreement.
  • Brand surfaced only a month ago.
  • Price manipulations.
  • Hidden documents.
  • Almost all services are only available to those registered in Switzerland.
  • Not regulated.
  • Promises of instant profits.
  • Aggressive behaviour.
  • Publishing false statistics.


Fx Crypto Chain violates existing standards, doesn't make payments, and has a poor reputation.

The Verdict: Fx Crypto Chain is a Fraudster

It's challenging to consider Fx Crypto Chain as a legitimate company. There is no evidence to demonstrate the legality of its operations. Numerous negative reviews accuse it of dishonesty and non-payment. To inflate its rating, Fx Crypto Chain uses bots to publish identical positive reviews.

There are several inconsistencies in its history, many of which are unverifiable. Even though it offers a leverage, the terms and conditions are vaguely described.

Fx Crypto Chain regularly publishes false data and deceptive analytical reports, misleading traders. It also uses spoofing, creating an illusion of a drop in price by manipulating futures orders to create artificial demand. Fx Crypto Chain extracts funds, doesn't disclose risks, and encourages the use of unverified payment systems.

In conclusion, Fx Crypto Chain is an alarmingly credible candidate for a scammer. As a precautionary measure, it's best to steer clear of such entities and conduct thorough research before investing your hard-earned money.

Jonathan Rowe

Jonathan Rowe

The creator and main author of the site is Jonathan Rowe. Trader and investor with many years of experience. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with over a decade of experience developing applications for financial and investment institutions.

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