Copenhagen Stock Exchange: The tower collapsed in freezing temperatures

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The building, which was once the financial center of Copenhagen, began burning on the roof at around 8 a.m. local time (7 a.m. GMT), and 30 minutes later the tower collapsed into the street below. People were gasping for breath from the smoke and a loud bang was heard - it was the huge tower collapsing from the roof. Hearing the loud bangs, people rushed into the street to get a better view. As they descend, the spire nearly hits several cranes assembled to help with the emergency response.

Shocking photos showed the iconic building shrouded in a huge plume of smoke, with the air filled with acrid smoke and the tower engulfed in flames. Clerks were also seen returning to the Old Exchange building to retrieve several expensive works of art and carry them away from the fire. It is currently unknown if anyone has been injured.

Police comment on the situation

Police were called to the historic Bolson building at around 8am local time (7am GMT) following reports of smoke coming from the building. A police spokesperson said, "A large number of police officers are concentrated in the center of Copenhagen in connection with the fire in Borsund. The traffic on Knippelsbro Street is blocked. We expect the area to be closed for an extended period of time. Road users are advised to find alternative routes".

"A follow-up message states, "We are evacuating buildings from the Ministry of Finance to the coast. We will continue to divert traffic in the area of Slotsholmen Street (the street on which Bossen is located)".

Eyewitness comments

Denmark's culture minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt took to Twitter to express regret at the "horrifying pictures of the fire" that have circulated. He said: "It is heartening to see that Bolsen staff, good Samaritans from the emergency services and the people of Copenhagen worked together to save art treasures and iconic paintings from the burning building".

Today, a local resident who walked past the destroyed building told NBC DR: "It's horrible. It was one of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen. I walk past it every day, it looks like Notre Dame". Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is facing total destruction in 2019, as the 850-year-old monument was nearly destroyed by hellfire.

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