China's AI: US imposes sanctions

New US sanctions against China's AI
  • Jonathan Rowe
  • 04.04.2024

This Friday, it was reported that the Biden administration has taken new steps as part of a policy aimed at curbing the development of artificial intelligence in China. The measures include restrictions on the supply of laptops with chips that previously in October 2023 had already been included in the list of restrictions. The new restrictions will take effect this week on Thursday.

The Ministry of Commerce said it will continue to impose new restrictions on goods and technologies needed in the development and use of artificial intelligence, especially those that could strengthen China's military.

Why will there be new sanctions?

These measures are part of a policy aimed at limiting China's AI capabilities. Except for chips that are designed for use in artificial intelligence. China's AI capabilities are controversial. Some say that China has a population of one and a half billion and has already succeeded in collecting a wide variety of information on its citizens and could further expand the amount of information it collects. It is believed that such opportunities play into China's hands.

On the other hand, all the most respected AI scientists live in the U.S. or are traveling there from other countries. We don't see any famous neural networks from China and this at least suggests that if they want to achieve real results, they still have a lot of work to do. It also suggests that the skeptics about China's prospects at the moment are right.

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