Why are Arrow Trade Forex scammers?

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To achieve success in Forex trading, you need to choose a reliable broker, or at least one who does not cheat. Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies, and among them a typical representative is the Arrow Trade broker. Thousands of people were harmed by this company in a short period of time. Arrow Trade Forex and its employees do not follow rules and regulations, and the company does not have any licenses or other permissions. It also doesn't provide a proper user agreement. In this article, we will look at all the negative consequences that a trader faces when opening an account with the fraudulent broker Arrow Trade.

Disadvantages of the fraudulent broker Arrow Trade

One of the most common schemes used by fraudulent brokers is price manipulation. Arrow Trade is no exception and Arrow Trade are typical scammers. Many traders have noticed that prices on the Arrow Trade platform do not correspond to real market prices. This is a clear sign of fraud. The second noticeable factor is slippage on the company’s website. This happens due to the lack of technical development of the trading terminal, which leads to delays and errors in processing transactions.

No transparency and no professionalism

Arrow Trade is not a transparent company and its employees behave unprofessionally. Clients complain that the site does not provide enough information about itself and does not provide the opportunity to study the company and terms of cooperation in more detail.

Hidden commissions and lack of current quotes

Arrow Trade cannot be trusted, they are scammers. The company charges hidden fees that are not specified in the contract. Additionally, the customer service doesn't provide any real help and the website doesn't have up-to-date quotes. This is another sign of fraud.

Additional reasons not to trust Arrow Trade

In addition to the above-mentioned disadvantages, there are other reasons why you should not open an account with the Forex broker Arrow Trade:

  • Lack of licenses and regulation
  • Problems with withdrawal of money
  • Failure to comply with security and privacy rules
  • Negative reviews and complaints from customers


In conclusion, the Arrow Trade broker does not deliver on its promises and is not trustworthy. It is characterized by a lack of reliability, unprofessionalism and price manipulation. Opening an account with Arrow Trade forex can lead to negative consequences and loss of money. It is recommended to look for more competent and reliable trading companies to avoid fraud and deception.

Jonathan Rowe

Jonathan Rowe

The creator and main author of the site is Jonathan Rowe. Trader and investor with many years of experience. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with over a decade of experience developing applications for financial and investment institutions.

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